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Liz RT(R)


Hello! My name is Liz and I reside just south of Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve been a Radiologic Technologist for almost 6 years. I went to a local community college for my A.S. in Radiologic Sciences, then set out on my journey as a Rad Tech!

I started out with a plethora of Per Diem jobs, as the job market in 2011 in the Boston area was pretty bad for me. But I stuck with it, always networking, and meeting people, and at times I held up to 4 per diem spots at places. Finally after about a year and a half of that, I landed a full time gig at an Urgent Care in 2012. I was excited at first to finally have a job and be in my industry, however I quickly learned the job was more secretarial duties than x-ray taking!

I spent exactly a year there, and meanwhile picked up a staff position with benefits in registration at the hospital I was working at. So I did registration on weekends, and filled in X-ray hours during the week, until I finally landed a 24 hour spot in the hospital as a staff Rad Tech. The hours sucked (weekend overnights anyone?!), but the people were awesome! That hospital will always be my home, and where I was “raised”. (It was my clinical site in school too).

Fast forward to the beginning of 2016, when an opportunity to work in the Cath Lab arose, I jumped on it, and soon found myself switching hospitals, and getting a full time gig in a Cath Lab! So now I am living that Cath Lab life (I am on call as we speak!!), and loving learning the new skill.

The Cath Lab has opened up learning a whole new skill set for me, and I am grateful to this hospital and the lead tech for taking me under their wing and taking the time to train me.

I hope we can get this page to take off, and become a place to share stories and information.


Thanks for reading!!


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