Here is Seabiscuit’s pedigree, and some information on some of the horses in his pedigree. More information to come:


Seabiscuit, 1933 bay colt

Hard Tack Man o’ War Fair Play Hastings
Fairy Gold
Mahubah Rock Sand
Merry Token
Tea Biscuit Rock Sand Sainfoin
Tea’s Over Hanover
Tea Rose
Swing On Whisk Broom II Broomstick Ben Brush
Audience Sir Dixon
Sallie McClelland
Balance Rabelais St. Simon
Balancoire II Meddler

HARD TACK was the sire of Seabiscuit. He was owned by Mrs. Ogden Phipps, and in his first year at stud no one would breed to him. Their reason, his unruliness. He carried the fiery temper of the immortal Hastings, his Great-Grandsire. He won a couple of Major Stakes, but was deemed unsafe.


Man o'WarMAN O’WAR, the grandsire of Seabiscuit was one of the greatest horses to ever set foot on a racetrack. He set records, blew away his competition and took the world by storm. To learn more about Man o’War please visit his site from at Man o’ War: The Greatest TB Racehorse.