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Welcome to Seabiscuit’s home on Thoroughbred Greats.

Seabiscuit is one of the most memorable Thoroughbreds in history because of the hope and joy that he brought to the American public.

People said his jockey was too big, his trainer too old and he too small to win anything!! They couldn’t have been more wrong. The little horse that spent his first few years racing on the lower claiming ranks soon catapulted to the top races of the country from coast to coast.

He captured the hearts of racing fans everywhere, and this is Thoroughbred Great’s tribute to him. Enjoy!

We urge you to explore this site and read all about the wonderful racehorse Seabiscuit!! Check out his biography or review some of his 80 races in his Race Record. Or check out the humans that helped mold Seabiscuit into a wonderful racehorse with their love and care.


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