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Man o' War


Man O' War
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Man o'War

Argueably the best racehorse ever to set foot on a track, Man O'War broke many records, defeated many high-class horses, and entertained thousands in the process. From his maiden through his last race with Sir Barton, Man o'War stunned America with his speed, heart and courage. Three things that are critical to a racehorses character. Very few times do you get a horse that has all three. Man o'War did, and that is what made him great.

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11.14.11- The Man o' War site has finally been revamped! It is now out of using frames, and in a table format. Thoroughbred Great's sites strive for content more than eye-appealing fancy web design. If you have surfed in, we hope you enjoy this site thoroughly and appreciate the content!

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Hold your strength till the barriers fly,
then close with the leaders eye to eye.
Thundering hooves and the mad jammed race,
blood in the nostrils, sweat in the face.
And children, remember wherever you are,
you carry the blood of Man o' War.

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