Quick Recollect of Legendary Nostalgic Thoroughbreds & September Tips

nostalgic thoroughbreds

Contrasting to other sports in which ownership rights of a team is monetarily impossible for aspirants;the sport of horse racing has made a mark for itself in allowing more people to be a part of the game. Thoroughbred racing carved a niche for monarchs of yore and has now evolved to a completely different level to display wealth and power. The sport is no longer a luxury of today, but it comes as a welcome respite in sports for billions of fans across the planet.


Humble yet Strong Beginnings

The early 1900s are considered the commencement of horse racing and it was this time when thoroughbreds ruled the roost. Stallions bred especially in Kentucky raised the bar for exclusivity for every season at that golden age. A worthy mention of sheer muscle and speed is the Man o’War steed that has turned around the sport after 100 years of his birth. No other stallion could ever hold a candle to him till date.

Coming back to this September’s horse racing tips, let’s take a glance at the positive odds forWorcester, Carlisle and Brighton.

nostalgic thoroughbreds


Elegance Personified for Carlisle, 4.55, Treble

The Irish contender ‘Carlisle’ of Worcestermakes way for an interesting monitoring despite the thoroughbred mare facing a weedy career. The constant variation in terrain could possibly be the reason for her sluggish performance, but bookmaker odds reflect a positive nexus in the forthcoming races.

Another Influential one in Carlisle, 3.55

The high-bred mare ‘Powerful Society’ belonging to Richard Fahey is lately giving a run for its rivals’ money with a spectacular presentation at Epsom even after wavering off the trail. Contrastingon most of her competitors, the filly has proved once and for all that the weighty track will be difficult to conquer.

The Bigwig of Brighton, 5.15, NB

The stallion‘The Big Short’ owned by Charlie Hills ought to get his standing at the frontline owing to the progressive defense shown in the last two races. The three-year old horse would possibly feel at home on this track due to his forceful stride.

Stats for Worcester:

  • Abbeygrey 2.00
  • Seeanythingyoulike 2.30
  • Wait For Me 3.00
  • Adrrastos 3.35
  • Guiding Star 4.05
  • Forza Milan 4.35
  • Billy Elliott 5.05

Stats for Carlisle:

  • Knockamany Bends 1.45
  • Paddy’s Rock 2.20
  • Toola Boola 2.50
  • Book Of Dreams 3.20
  • Powerful Society (nap) 3.55
  • Gilmer 4.25
  • For The Roses (treble) 4.55
  • Billy Bond 5.25

Stats for Brighton:

  • Saint Helena 1.35
  • Tesorina 2.10
  • Justice Rock 2.40
  • Lily Ash 3.10
  • Marie Of Lyon 3.45
  • Lord E 4.15
  • With Approval 4.45
  • The Big Short (NB) 5.15

Constructive Racing Odds

Betting on horse racing events has become a massive industry in present times. Wannabe punters have the liability to win or lose a lot of money in just a few minutes of a race, and it is this phenomenon which makes the sport really exciting. A great deal of bettors rely on horse racing by placing bets on various events and some of them even enter their own steeds for making a bigger cut. With a bunch of reputed bookmakers and horse racing event portals, it becomes easy for potential bettors to predict racing odds for a slice of the pie.

Consequently, if you are among the several participants hoping for a good betting deal, you must refer to thoroughbred portals and Betway racing sites to get a clearer picture of racing odds. Such platforms also send significant updates pertaining to the overall horse racing scene.

More Contenders Join the Bandwagon

nostalgic thoroughbreds

With Yarmouth, Beverley,Sandown, Kelso, and several others in the league, we present you the potential odds for the most promising racecourses and how to watch them.

Yarmouth Course Lineup:

  • Prime Minister 2.10
  • Rich Identity 2.45
  • Dream Start 3.15
  • Titi Makfi (nap) 3.50
  • Solo Hunter 4.25
  • Zabeel Prince (NB) 4.55
  • Dakota Gold 5.25
  • Fantasy Keeper 5.55

Kelso Course Lineup:

  • Mizen Master 4.30
  • Red Giant 5.00
  • Bohernagore 5.30
  • Oliver’s Gold 6.00
  • Mirsaale 6.30
  • Senor Lombardy 7.00

Beverly Course Lineup:

  • Danehill Desert 1.50
  • Ruysch 2.20
  • Firby 2.55
  • Clenymistra 3.25
  • Suwaan 4.00
  • Paco Escostar 4.35
  • Hellomoto 5.05
  • Rebel State 5.35